As part of the International German Gymnastics Festival 2025 in Leipzig, the Verein Deutsche Turnfeste e.V. has set up a sustainability program for clubs throughout Germany. The aim is to attract new people to volunteer and at the same time bring the topic of sustainability to the clubs with knowledge and lots of practical tips. The aim is to motivate and support people to start their own sustainability activities in their communities and clubs.

Sustainability in clubs includes inclusion, diversity, tolerance and human rights, sustainable procurement and sponsoring for the common good, as well as environmental protection, resource conservation and climate action. With the sustainability program of the Verein Deutsche Turnfeste e.V., which runs from March to November 2024, participating clubs and club representatives receive

  • background knowledge and the basics of sustainability models
  • concrete application possibilities at club level and practical examples,
  • ideas and tools to set small and large cogs in motion for more sustainability in the association,
  • Advice and support from experts and
  • a network of like-minded people to exchange ideas.


This information, background knowledge, practical approaches and specific options for action in sports clubs are conveyed in a series of digital workshops. In addition, participants are supported and advised in analyzing the situation in their club and in planning the strategic approach for sustainable change in the club. Support is also provided for the concrete planning and implementation of projects and activities in the club.

The program is aimed at interested parties aged 16 and over throughout Germany. It does not matter whether the participants come from a gymnastics background or not. It is also not a prerequisite to already be a member or active in a sports club. All you need is an interest in sustainability and the desire to get involved in a club.

You can find all further information HERE.

You can also register by sending an e-mail to Frieda Prochaska or using the registration form.