Stop This FIFA – Appeal to the German Football Association (DFB) and Other National Associations

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is pushing a system to its limits that no longer considers the interests of sports and its fans, a system plagued by proven corruption, allowing inhumane and human rights-violating behavior, disregarding environmental and climate protection, and whose ruthless protagonists do not hesitate to resort to extortion during the ongoing tournament.

By maximizing profit and power at the expense of the weaker and at the cost of future generations, the global football association (FIFA) embodies, in a highly condensed form, precisely what we, as societies, must leave behind to address challenges such as the climate crisis, end the exploitation of people, and achieve additional UN goals to which we are committed as a global community. In this regard, football plays a crucial role as a role model.

We appeal to the German Football Association and other associations to terminate collaboration with FIFA under these conditions and instead actively contribute to reforming the global federation. If this endeavor proves unsuccessful, options such as the establishment of an alternative global association must no longer be ruled out.

Simultaneously, we call on all companies directly or indirectly supporting the FIFA system to cease their involvement.

It is crucial that we act collectively with those who ostensibly benefit from this system, led by Gianni Infantino, but whose countries are often already significantly affected by the repercussions of global crises.

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