You too can become an important part of Sports for Future! It doesn't matter whether you are an association, club, athlete or just a fan. The climate crisis affects us all and we need each and every one of us to work together to ensure a climate-friendly future in sport too. Do you agree with us? Then sign our statement now!

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Whether it's traveling to training camps, going to competitions, or the sometimes unavoidable flights to the next world championship, athletes are often on the move and can leave a significant carbon footprint. However, there are numerous ways to still engage in climate and environmental protection. Over the past years, we have successfully implemented various projects in collaboration with athletes like Carlotta Nwajide or Miranda Wilson, contributing to the gradual transition of sports towards sustainability.

Best cases

Miranda Wilson

Badminton national player Miranda Wilson, in collaboration with Kai Schäfer, initiated the first climate protection and reforestation project in the sport of badminton: BadmintONEarth.

Nike Lorenz

The national hockey player is an ambassador for Sports for Future and has planted a hockey forest in South Africa with the Danas, the national women's hockey team.

Boris Herrmann

Sailor Boris Herrmann and his Team Malizia, in partnership with the Mama Earth Foundation, established the Malizia Mangrove Park in the Philippines with the goal of planting a total of 1,000,000 mangroves.

Michael Walther

As a stand-up paddler and catamaran sailor, Michael Walther has been dedicated to climate protection through his ZeroEmissions project for ten years. In 2023, he traveled 550 kilometers from Kiel to Berlin with his stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for the "National Prize - Education for Sustainable Development" to make a statement.

Carina Wimmer

As a sport pistol shooter, Carina Wimmer participated in the Tokyo Olympics. To offset the CO2 emissions from her flights, she collected donations through the Athletes4Climate initiative, a sports-centered climate exchange.



Sports associations often bring together a multitude of athletes under their umbrella and, therefore, bear significant responsibility. We firmly believe that even at the association level, diverse steps can be taken to make the sports competitions of the future environmentally friendly. Action days by organizations like the DFB (German Football Association) or the Bavarian Badminton Association have marked a strong start. Now, together with the associations in our network, we aim to take further steps to ensure that future generations inherit a world where sports can continue to inspire the same way it does today.

Best cases

DFB (German Football Association)

In 2022, the DFB organized a Climate Action Matchday to kick off the cup competition, raising €46,200.

Deutscher Badminton Verband e.V. (German Badminton Association)

In addition to endorsing our statement, the association hosted the most sustainable badminton tournament in Germany in April 2023.

Bayerische Sportjugend (Bavarian Youth Sports Association)

In May 2023, the Bavarian Sport Youth organized a charity flea market, and the proceeds supported Sports4Trees.


Rower Carlotta Nwajide and Fini Sturm initiated the "Ruderwald" (rowers forest) a reforestation project in Kenya. Through donations from the national rowing team, they aim to raise awareness of the climate crisis and live up to their role as elite athletes.


The reforestation project in the DR Congo, initiated by Miranda Wilson and Kai Schäfer, is supported by the badminton community. Donations are used to plant trees, promote solar energy, and assist the local population.

Snowboard Germany

During the 2022 World Cup season, athletes from the Snowboard Verband Deutschland e.V. wore warming stripes on their jackets to raise awareness of climate change.

Deutsche Sportjugend (German Sports Youth)

As part of the MOVE campaign by dsj, all athletes were encouraged to participate in the #purzelnfürBäume (tumble for trees) challenge in September 2022. At the end of the campaign, tree seeds were donated to establish one of our tree nurseries in Senegal.

Tischtennis Bundesliga (Table Tennis Bundesliga)

The Table Tennis Bundesliga supported our Sports4Trees Christmas campaign by planting 15 trees.



In all sports clubs, solidarity and teamwork are highly valued. It doesn't matter whether it's a club with thousands of members or the small local club around the corner.

Sports for Future works with both large sports clubs such as FC Augsburg and smaller clubs such as TC Dinklage. Depending on the funds available, we have implemented projects that suit the club and make a small but important contribution to the fight against the climate crisis. Everything from the introduction of climate tickets to tree planting campaigns and charity runs have already been organised.

If you want to put sustainability in the spotlight with your club, have project ideas, or need assistance with implementation, feel free to contact us at info@sportsforfuture.de.

Best cases

TC Dinklage

As a small club, TC Dinklage is also committed to climate protection. They have already collected donationsfor Sports for Future on several occasions and supported our Sports4Trees christmas tree campaign campaign in 2022 with 70 trees.

FC Augsburg

As part of their new sustainability strategy, FC Augsburg established the FCA-forest, with a goal to plant 20,000 trees near the arena by 2026.

GW Mühlen

In celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2021, the club planted 100 trees on their premises.

RSV Köln

The RSV women's team decided at the start of the 2022/23 season to "offset" the carbon footprint of their away trips. They collected donations in July 2022 during the league's home finals to support a school project and reforestation in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

SV Waldhof Mannheim 07

In 2019, Waldhof Mannheim was one of the first clubs to endorse our statement. They support school and reforestation projects in Nigeria through climate tickets and the sale of their jerseys .

Team Malizia

The Team Malizia, led by sailor Boris Herrmann, supports the project "1,000,000 Mangroves for the Malizia Mangrove Park".

Siaka Académie Foot

The Siaka Académie Foot, a football academy in Senegal, is also one of the supporters of Sports for Future.



Schools and universities are important places for social transformation, and pupils and students in particular have developed an intense awareness of the climate crisis as a result of the Fridays for Future movement. The topic of environmental education is also becoming increasingly important due to the integration of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) into the teaching and learning environment.

For this reason, Sports for Future has joined forces with educational institutions and set up the Education Working Group. Together with teachers, we regularly discuss possible projects and the transfer of knowledge.

If you want to join our Education Working Group or if your school wants to organize a charity run, needs materials for environmental education, or has other ideas, feel free to contact us at info@sportsforfuture.de.

Best cases

University of Bayreuth

In April 2021, a decentralised charity run was organised by Summer Feeling at the University of Bayreuth and CommunityMOVE. By doubling Sports for Future, a Summer Feeling forest with an incredible 14,554 trees can be planted through the implementation of myclimate in Masindi, Uganda!

Georg-Kerschensteiner-Schule Holdorf

The GKS Holdorf has conducted three charity runs in 2021, 2022, and 2023, with proceeds benefiting a partner school in Nigeria supported by the Zenaga Foundation.

Gymnasium Lohne

In 2022, the Gymnasium Lohnesigned the Sports for Future statement, and in 2023 we officially announced the cooperation. We had already given presentations to sixth form students there in 2020 and will support Lohne secondary school in organising their project days in the future.

Cologne Business School

The Cologne Business School is a scientific partner of Sports for Future through the co-founder of Sports for Future, Prof Dr Torsten Weber.

Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

We have already visited the German Sport University in Cologne several times with Sports for Future and held lectures on the topic of "Sustainability in sport".



Our ambassadors have been advocating for climate protection in our name in their regions, clubs, associations, or sports for years. We maintain continuous communication with them about concrete ideas, upcoming events, and their engagement opportunities.

If you have questions or are interested in our ambassador program, feel free to contact us atinfo@sportsforfuture.de.

Andreas Lesch

Occupation: Journalist
Focus in Sustainability: Constructive, solution-oriented journalism.
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Jan Engel

Occupation: Head of Communications and Climate Protection Officer at TSC Eintracht Dortmund
Focus / Passion in Sustainability: Grassroots sports as a multiplier for climate protection.

Dr. Peter Kuhn

Occupation: Professor of Sports Science at the University of Bayreuth
Focus / Passion in Sustainability: Pioneer in empirical sports ecology and founder and managing director of the think tank sportainable

Miranda Wilson

Occupation: Badminton Professional (Training base in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Discipline: Women's Singles)
Climate Protection Engagement: Founder of BadmintONEarth, Climate Protection Officer for the DBV (German Badminton Association)
Studies: Currently pursuing a degree in Nutrition Sciences (Bachelor)

Alisa Matthäus

Occupation: Project Manager
Focus / Passion in Sustainability: Sustainability in sports events and everyday life

Carina Wimmer

Occupation: Sports Soldier (Shooting Sport, Pistol Discipline)
Focus on Sustainability: Elite sports as a multiplier for social and ecological sustainability

Tim Wieling

Occupation: Professional Handball Player, Founder of the Handball Fashion Brand Nahtstelle
Focus on Sustainability: "Let's use the reach of sports to raise awareness of this important issue. Together with clubs and companies in the sports industry, we can make a difference and contribute to climate protection."

Philipp Anders

Occupation: student of sports sciences; primary school teacher, fitness, football, nutrition coach
Focus on Sustainability: Education in schools & sports clubs in the areas of sustainability, inclusion, pedagogy, environmental protection. "Sustainabilty: Treeting the planet as if we planned to stay. "

Benjamin Haar

Occupation: Dipl. Sports scientist, managing director Sportvereinigung Feuerbach 1883 e.V.
Focus on Sustainability: Sustainable organisational development of sports clubs and climate management

Laurent Petit

Occupation: Sports & Climate advocate Founder of Active Giving
Focus on Sustainability: engaging the sporting community to lead the way toward a more sustainable future for all by fostering collaboration with local communities to reverse habitat loss, restore ecosystems and improve people’s well-being.

Simone and Klaus Markl

Occupation: Founder of BiciBus Germany
Focus on Sustainability: Climate protection and promotion of physical activity through group cycling towards common goals (e.g., school, university, workplace), as well as early cycling education and related initiatives.

Julian Schlüter

Occupation: Marketing Manager
Focus on Sustainability: Using football as a symbol to inspire fans around the world to stand up for a green and sustainable future.



If you are not active in sport yourself, you can still get involved in Sports for Future as a fan. Thanks to shared interests and passions, many people come together in fan communities and great things can be achieved together. Do you want to support your favourite team or club as well as climate protection? Would you like to start your own projects? Do you have ideas or questions? Then please contact us at info@sportsforfuture.de.

Best cases

Forest Green Devils

Green, committed, and extraordinary! Since 2018, the Forest Green Devils fan community has brought together people who support their beloved club, Forest Green Rovers, and aim to change the football world sustainably. As the greenest fan club in the world, Forest Green Devils advocates for sustainable actions with a focus on social justice, animal welfare, and environmental protection. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN serve as their guiding principles.

Bäckerei Krogmann

Die Bäckerei Krogmann The Krogmann bakery from Mühlen has been putting up the Sports4Trees tree money box for several years now, thus supporting Sports for Future.