We want to harness the unifying power of sport to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. In doing so, we rely on various measures to support sport in becoming part of a climate-friendly future.


Through the large-scale campaign Sports4Trees, we activate the sports world to make its contribution to climate protection. To become part of the solution. We achieve this goal by promoting Sports4Trees through ticket portals, event organizers, and sports clubs. In doing so, we aim to inspire other societal actors outside of sports as well.

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The workbook serves as a direct guide for you to immediately implement measures at your sports event. It provides numerous examples that can be adopted. Throughout the workbook, various thematic areas are addressed that contribute to achieving an environmentally and climate-friendly sports event. Much of the content is already publicly available in various sources, and we have attempted to bring these contents together as concretely and comprehensively as possible.



In recent times, there has been a significant increase in interest in training and development related to sustainability. We aim to provide all sports organizations with the opportunity to benefit from our accumulated experiences and insights. We offer workshops where we highlight the opportunities for sustainable changes.

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Results of the "High Hanging Fruits" Future Workshop

CO2 Sports Club Calculator - Webinar


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With regard to the climate crisis, we use the findings of international science as a basis for action and also support the demands of the Fridays for Future movement, for example. We take part in climate strikes, form alliances with strong partners and start petitions. The aim is to increase the pressure on (sports) policy makers so that there is no way around ecologically, economically and socially responsible decisions in sport.

Petition "Stop this FIFA"


To give all supporters the opportunity to network with each other and exchange ideas, we have already organised three Sports for Future network meetings. The first meeting took place digitally in 2021. In 2022, we met in Hamburg and in 2023 we were guests at the new DFB Campus in Frankfurt.

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The Frankfurt 2023 network meeting
The Hamburg 2022 network meeting
The digital network meeting in 2021


We collaborate with various stakeholders in the sports world to collectively tackle the climate crisis. Together, we are strong and can achieve great things. For example, thanks to our cooperation with FAIRPLAID, we have already been able to implement a number of crowdfunding projects. In addition, the digital financing platform for professional and top sports FanInvest is also one of our partners.

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Project supporters for Sports4Trees

Charity runs

Combining Sports and Climate Protection: What better way than a charity run for a good cause? Together with our partners, we have already organized several charity runs to support our projects in the global south.

The Individual Charity Runs

Paul Schockemöhle Logistics

GKS Holdorf 2023

GKS Holdorf 2022

GKS Holdorf 2021

Summer Feeling 2021 Uni Bayreuth