We are Sports for Future: athletes, sports clubs and associations, fans and supporters. 

What drives us? The climate crisis. It is one of the most pressing societal problems of our time, and it affects us all.

We asked ourselves: Where does sports stand in all of this? With its power to move, inspire, and unite people all over the world. In short, we believe there's so much more that can be done. Together. As a team. One for all, all for the climate.

What do we stand for? For a fair, respectful, and fact-based culture of debate. For solutions based on the insights of international science. For the preservation of our livelihoods – also as a prerequisite for our health and sports.


Stefan Wagner (Chairman)
Claudia Fischer (Vice-Chair)
Barbara Wagner (Treasurer)

Our team

Antonia Böckmann (Communication and Project Manager)
Nele Hermes (Project Management)
Jannik Meinberg (Social Media Management)
Johannes Völkerding (Social Media)


How it all began

With an urgent appeal for the preservation of our livelihoods, we have gone public with Sports for Future 2019 in order to contribute to the climate debate with a prominent and relevant voice. This alliance of athletes, clubs, associations and other supporters is taking a clear stance, facing up to the responsibility that sport must assume as one of the important pillars of society, especially because sport itself contributes to the climate crisis.

The idea, born on the initiative of the Bundesliga football club TSG Hoffenheim, is brought to life by a network within the sports world. The initiators include Bundesliga football clubs SV Werder Bremen, VfL Osnabrück, the German Sports Youth (dsj), Global United FC e.V., Fabian Hambüchen (gymnastics), Anni Friesinger (speed skating), Holger Nikelis (wheelchair table tennis), Sebastian Polter (football), Jacqueline Otchere (pole vault), Lutz Pfannenstiel (football), and TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Sports for Future, as a movement for an entire industry, operates as a registered non-profit association with a clearly defined agenda. "We want to bring sport together, challenge it and pool its strengths in order to take a clear stance. We are committed to a rational, science-based implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, a future worth living for young people and future generations, a fair, respectful culture of debate, solidarity and a social team spirit," explains Stefan Wagner, co-founder of Sports for Future e.V.

Based on this foundation, Sports For Future is dedicated to launching its own initiatives, supporting projects, increasing knowledge, and strengthening sustainability, climate protection, and democracy. To achieve these goals, Sports For Future relies on partnerships, including those with the Cologne Business School, the Climate Arena in Sinsheim, and other educational institutions.


This is us

Stefan Wagner

  • At Sports for Future since: 2019 (founding member)
  • Otherwise: Sustainability consultant and CEO at Wagner CSR
  • Favorite sports: Football, Volleyball
  • My drive: Sport can change the world.
  • Contact: stefan@sportsforfuture.de

Claudia Fischer

  • At Sports for Future since: 2019 (founding member)
  • Otherwise: Latin and German teacher at Gymnasium Lohne
  • Favorite sport: Dancing
  • My drive: Gemeinsam können wir etwas bewegen – ich möchte als Teil von Sports for Future daran mitwirken.
  • Contact: info@sportsforfuture.de

Barbara Wagner

  • At Sports for Future since: 2019 (founding member)
  • Otherwise: Editor and CEO at Wagner CSR
  • Favorite sports: Table tennis, Handball
  • My drive: #strongertogether
  • Contact: barbara@sportsforfuture.de

Antonia Böckmann

Communication & Project Management
  • At Sports for Future since: 2022
  • Otherwise: –
  • Favorite sport: Handball
  • My drive: "Moving great things together."
  • Contact: antonia@sportsforfuture.de

Nele Hermes

Project Management
  • At Sports for Future since: 2023
  • Otherwise: Assistant to the CEO
  • Favorite sport: Football
  • My drive: "Working together for sustainability. Sport unites, sport mobilizes. Worldwide."
  • Contact: nele@sportsforfuture.de

Jannik Meinberg

Social Media Management / Communication
  • At Sports for Future since: 2022
  • Otherwise: Ticketing Manager
  • Favorite sports: Football/Basketball
  • My drive: "Embrace change as an opportunity for a climate-just future."
  • Contact: jannik@sportsforfuture.de

Johannes Völkerding

Social Media / School Partnerships
  • At Sports for Future since: 2022
  • Otherwise: Student at Gymnasium Lohne
  • Favorite sport: Football
  • My drive: „Nachhaltiges Denken im Breiten- und Profi-Sport zum Selbstverständnis machen und die Reichweite des Sports genau dafür nutzen.“
  • Contact: johannes@sportsforfuture.de

Our Network

We believe in teamwork, and we are many: associations, clubs, athletes, educational institutions, companies, fans. Our network, ranging from handball player Steffen Weinhold and TC Dinklage to Schafhof Connects and Sportfive, GKS Holdorf and Gymnasium Lohne, Team Malizia and the Forest Green Allgäu to SV Waldhof Mannheim and the German Football Association (DFB), already represents more than 25 million athletes. We all share one goal: a climate-just future in which sports also need to contribute their part. Our annual network meetings showcase how diverse the sports community is in addressing various sustainability issues. If you want to become actively involved and be a part of our network, sign our statement and / or get in touch with us directly at: info@sportsforfuture.de

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Established in 2019