Another significant partner, the "Freiburger Kreis e.V.," has joined the Sports For Future initiative. As an association of larger grassroots sports clubs in Germany with more than 180 member clubs, the Freiburger Kreis represents over a million sports participants.

To kick off the collaboration, the two partners have initiated a joint pilot project: the ecological footprint of the TSC Eintracht Dortmund, a major sports club, will be scientifically analyzed with their cooperation.

"The major sports clubs of the Freiburger Kreis play a sporting and often societal role model function in their regions. With the cooperation with Sports For Future, we want to launch specific climate protection projects in our member clubs that motivate all sports clubs to emulate and participate," says Alexander Kiel, board member of the Freiburger Kreis.

"Grassroots sports are a central and important pillar for bringing sustainable solutions and the responsibility for climate protection into the heart of society. We are excited to place climate protection increasingly in grassroots sports clubs through this collaboration with the Freiburger Kreis and joint projects," says Stefan Wagner, Chairman of Sports For Future.


Freiburger Kreis e.V.:

Freiburger Kreis e.V. is an association of larger German sports clubs, currently with over 180 member clubs and over a million sports participants.

In 1974, 23 larger sports clubs in Freiburg joined forces with the goal of conducting seminars independently and thus filling a gap in offerings from the German Sports Confederation. Self-help quickly expanded to address problems of large clubs in an uncomplicated way, where there were no contact persons in associations and federations.

Freiburger Kreis is independent of state sports federations and sports associations and directly connects sports clubs from all federal states as the sole organization. Through its board, clubs, and experts, it serves as a service provider internally and represents the interests externally. The role of Freiburger Kreis clubs as employers is also essential.

Sports For Future:

The registered association Sports For Future, with over 300 supporters from clubs, associations, athletes, as well as fans and sponsors, represents more than 22 million athletes. Prominent supporters include TSG Hoffenheim, the German Football Association, or Fabian Hambüchen.

Based on scientific findings, Sports For Future advocates for compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement. Sports For Future aims to bring sustainability impulses to sports and unite them to collectively address the challenges of the climate crisis. Sports should be used as a platform to bring the topic of climate protection closer to people in their everyday lives.

Through the Sports4Trees initiative of the association, reforestation projects of various partner projects (e.g., WWF, myclimate) in the global South are supported through campaigns with event organizers, clubs, athletes, or schools.