+++Friday Medallist+++

Riders For Future is an initiative of equestrians, riding clubs, and equestrian associations aiming to make a statement about sustainability and climate protection in equestrian sports. The founder is 14-year-old Emily, who lives with her parents on a horse farm in Lower Saxony. Like many young people, Emily is concerned about our climate and the future of the planet, and she has decided to take action. Initially, she donated a large part of her tournament prize money to Plant-for-the-Planet Deutschland (Official), but she also chose her own path:  Riders for future. On the website, Emily collects large and small tips and ideas on how equestrian sports can contribute to more sustainability and climate protection. And the ideas are being noticed: her Instagram channel already has over 9,000 subscribers. A great and important commitment, rightfully earning her the title of today's Friday Medallist!

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