Building Construction Advances in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Thanks to strong partners, including Sports For Future and Sports4Trees, we have been able to initiate and support numerous projects. Together with the Zenaga Foundation and ASEAD (Academy of Sciences & Engineering for Africa Development), we have launched the "BadmintONEarth" project. The initial successes are becoming increasingly visible.

Gebäude für Klassenräume

Miranda Wilson and Kai Schäfer, both members of the German Badminton National Team, initiated the first reforestation and climate project in badminton – the ongoing project in the city of Bankana in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project focuses on climate protection and social engagement. In addition to planting fruit trees, local communities are supported by the construction of a new school building, designed as an ECO-school. The local conditions are so poor that classes cannot take place during rain since there are neither proper roofs nor suitable buildings. Furthermore, schools and residents will be equipped with so-called solar backpacks containing items such as projectors, chargers, screens, and storage.

In the photo, wearing a red T-shirt, is Nahum. Nahum traveled from Australia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for his job and took the opportunity to visit the ECO-School project. Additionally, he provided ASEAD with a laptop and a digital camera.

Furthermore, the photos show the growing buildings for classrooms, teacher facilities, toilets, and administrative rooms. In the background, next to the trees, stands the "old school" – if the hut and the roof without walls can be considered as such.

Many thanks to all badminton players and donors whose contributions have led to the donation of 3,814 trees covering an area equivalent to 192 badminton courts. This support helps ensure ongoing education for the students. We will keep you updated on further progress!

For more information about the "BadmintONEarth" project, you can visit our website Sports 4 Trees, the Zenaga Foundation, or find us on Instagram.

Foundation of the classroom building
Growing walls of the classrooms, in front of them the teacher and administration building. In the background, next to the trees, stands the "old school."
Teacher and administration building
Teacher and administration building
Preparation of the toilet building