In 2019, Waldhof Mannheim was one of the first clubs to sign our statement, and for the new season 21/22, the third-division club is taking a double approach to climate protection. Firstly, for every jersey sold, €3 will be donated to a school project in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. The Zenaga Foundation , on our behalf, is implementing not only tree planting but also a tree nursery, and the provision of solar lamps, along with addressing social aspects. Secondly, starting this season, there is an option to purchase a Climate Ticket for one euro with every ticket purchase. Through this initiative, a mangrove will be planted in a mangrove planting project, also in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. This project is implemented by our new project partner, Forstfreunde. More information about the project can be found here.

Julia Best, the CSR Officer at Waldhof Mannheim, says about the collaboration: "We are very pleased to make a contribution to climate protection together with Sports For Future. With the school project supported through jersey sales, and our 'Herzbuwe-Mangrove Forest,' which we aim to further grow with various projects, including the Climate Ticket, we want to fulfill our responsibility to the environment and make a statement."

Link to the press release from SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 (Jerseys)

Link  to the press release from SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 (Climate Tickets)