Move, donate, plant trees – together for climate protection!

On Sunday, August 8, our donation event Move4Trees will take place in collaboration with our partner Community Move! Register and get active for climate protection, supporting a reforestation project by our partner myclimate in Uganda.

You can engage in any form of physical activity – whether running, para-cycling, swimming, or all-round (yoga, swimming, etc.) – you decide where and how you want to be active and how many trees you want to donate (tracking via app or watch is a prerequisite).7

You can participate individually or form a team to plant trees together. You have the flexibility to make free donations or plant trees in the area of individual sports fields.

Update: Thanks to the support of all participants and the rounding up of the donation amount by Sports For Future, we can donate €2000 to myclimate, planting 2000 trees. Thank you very much!