Schafhof Connects verbindet sich mit Sports for Future

It's no secret to anyone familiar with equestrian sports that sustainability is still in its infancy in this domain.

However, Schafhof Connects is now committed to tackling this mammoth task even more. Together with Sports For Future, the company is currently developing ideas and working on projects to make further strides in this crucial area.

"Equestrian sports are unique in many ways compared to other sports. Not only do we have the honor of pursuing our passion alongside our equine partners, but we are also the only sport, for example, that is Olympic and allows both men and women to compete against each other. Additionally, equestrian sports appeal to a relatively large target audience. Through cooperation with Sports For Future, we aim to launch specific climate protection projects at our events that motivate everyone involved to emulate and participate," says Matthias Rath, Managing Director of Schafhof Connects.

"In times of many threatening crises, especially in the face of the challenges posed by the climate crisis, we need community and strong actors who take a stand and set an example. Sport has a special gift for this. It's great that equestrian sports with Schafhof Connects are now taking on this responsibility in a special way. We are very much looking forward to working together," says Stefan Wagner, Chairman of Sports For Future.


Schafhof Connects GmbH & Co. KG:

Schafhof Connects GmbH & Co. KG has been in existence since the early 2000s, initially under a different name and with different personnel. However, the values that are still emphasized at Schafhof Connects today have always been the same.

The idea of establishing itself as an organizer of major events began with the UNICEF Festivals, which were organized independently on the Schafhof since the early 2000s. Over the years, not only have the events evolved, but the content and expertise have also developed.

"Connects," this word expresses and reflects many things that the Schafhof and the Linsenhoff-Rath family have stood for for decades. Schafhof connects, bringing people and horses from around the world together, preserving traditions, creating innovations, and guaranteeing incomparable experiences.

In our projects, we distinguish ourselves through versatility, professionalism, innovation awareness, experience, and a unique mix of expertise combined with a keen sense for people.

With a focus on equestrian sports, there is probably no comparable place that has preserved so much tradition from the family's history. The Linsenhoff-Rath family lives these traditions with heart and soul. Because at Schafhof, tradition is more than a habit or a ritual carried out year after year. Tradition is the culture of a family, a company, or even a place – Schafhof is tradition.

Tradition requires innovation, and innovation requires tradition. Only those who set long-term goals can implement traditions innovatively and achieve success. Stagnation is a foreign word at Schafhof. Ideas emerge, projects evolve, and the Schafhof story continues to be written. Embracing change while building on proven foundations is the ethos at Schafhof.