Sports for Future Socken bei „Friede. Freude. Olympia“

Top sport meets the youth of the world: At the Innovation Manufaktur event “Peace. Joy. Olympia.” on 16 May 2024, athletes with children, young people and students demonstrated joy of movement and peace. 16 May is the International Day of Living Together in Peace. Top-level sport shows the breadth of its social relevance and that the joy of movement transcends boundaries.

More than 100 children from the municipal day care home at the Bezeillesschule, more than 100 vocational students from the Heimer vocational schools and the Bode vocational school for gymnastics, dance and sports, as well as about 50 students from TUM took part in the sports campus of the TU Munich in the Olympiapart. They met top athletes from different sports, some of whom are in the immediate run-up to the Summer Olympics in Paris. Among them were Anna Janssen, Olympic participant in sports shooting and Elena Lilik and Noah Hegge, Olympic participants in canoe slalom. Leonie Ebert, European champion in fencing, Julie Hölterhoff, Judoka and Denny Pham, German champion in skateboarding, were also present and conducted a warm-up with the children and young people with the elements of the joy of movement from different sports and ran a “peace run”.

At the Tanzmove Flashmob
Before the Peace Race at the starting line

Our Sports for Future climate socks were also featured: In order not only to send a signal for peace and movement on the International Day of Living Together in Peace, the athletes also made a strong case for climate protection. With our Sports for Future climate socks, which are produced sustainably and whose design is based on the Warming Stripes, we want to draw the attention of the sports world to sustainability in sport and make a statement. Everyone can order the Sports for Future socks for 12€ per pair from us by e-mail. For every pair sold, we plant one tree in the Kaptagat forest in Kenya.

More information can be found here.

Denny Pham with our climate socks
Sports shooter Sandra Reitz
Judoka Julie Hölterhoff
Canoeist Elena Lilik
At the presentation of the athletes