Review: 28th UN Climate Conference 2023

Noch ist die 28. UN-Klimakonferenz in Dubai in vollem Gange, aber wir von Sports for Future können erst einmal durchschnaufen: Der Launch der gemeinnützigen Kooperationsplattform SPORTS20 von Sports for Future und IMPCT war ein voller Erfolg! Tanja Ferkau, Vorsitzende von IMPCT, und Stefan Wagner, 1. Vorsitzender von Sports for Future, waren an den ersten Tagen der COP28 in Dubai vor Ort, um das neue Framework und Netzwerk von SPORTS20 auf großer, internationaler Bühne vorzustellen.

German Climate Pavilion

The first appearance of SPORTS20 was also the inaugural one at the German Climate Pavilion. Under the motto "SPORTS20: The Framework for Another (Sports) World", Tanja and Stefan initially shared how and from what idea the SPORTS20 initiative emerged and what role sports can play in the transformation toward a new, sustainable world. SPORTS20 creates future scenarios of a world where all 17 SDGs are fulfilled to provide a different perspective: Unlike usual, these images are meant to convey hope and positivity and illustrate the changes that must be implemented for a 100% transformed, sustainable sport. This makes visible the gap that needs to be closed for this future.

Together with the panel guests Luisa Neubauer (German climate activist), Eckart von Hirschhausen (Healthy Earth – Healthy People), and Nike Lorenz (Captain of the German Hockey National Team), and moderator Katie Gallus, it was then discussed how important role models from sports and society are, which people can orient themselves towards and who draw attention to the crucial issue of the climate crisis. New and creative solutions are needed to achieve a holistic and global movement.

WWF Panda Hub

Subsequently, at the WWF Panda Hub, the SPORTS20 framework was presented again under the theme "Why sports is the gamechanger – SPORTS20 and the SDGs." In addition, the network with the SPORTS20 ambassadors was showcased in a film. With Aileen McManamon (Green Sports Alliance, Canada/USA), Brian Wesaala (Football Foundation for Africa, Kenya), Claire Poole (Sport Positive, UK), Danilo Malafaia (Associação Jadir Taekwondo, Brazil), Eliud Kipchoge (Olympic champion, former marathon world record holder, Kenya), Haruki Sawada (Green Sports Alliance, Japan), Jadir Figuera (Associação Jadir Taekwondo, Brazil), John Odeyo (Kisumu County Football Association, Kenya), Nike Lorenz (Captain of the German Hockey National Team), Samuel Inkoom (former Ghanaian football national player), Dr. Sheila Nguyen (former CEO of the Sports Environment Alliance and Sustainability Manager 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup), Jamie Farndale (Captain of the Scottish Rugby National Team), many interesting personalities from the world of sports are already supporters of SPORTS20.

Jamie Farndale, captain of the Scottish Rugby National Team, was also present. He is also part of the SPORTS20 network and spoke with Tanja and Stefan about the fact that sports can and must take a leadership role in the fight against climate change.

One day after the launch of SPORTS20 at COP28, Stefan exclusively reported from Dubai for our network about the two panels and provided insights into the work of SPORTS20. If you want to learn more about SPORTS20, you can access our Q&A HERE.